Butt Enhancer

A curvy figure means a well-shaped butt. It also means other parts, such as your love handles, are compressed. Squats are indeed the ultimate prize for a finer butt, but how long can you wait for squats to work? What if you want to fit into that figure-hugging dress?
It's simple; you can use padded butt-lifting panties or fajas to compress your upper body. These two can get you that curvy body instantly. Shaper shorts and panties are a good choice, especially if you are plus size.

At Perfect Shape, we offer a collection of butt-enhancer garments to accentuate your curves. All our shapewear, like padded butt-lifting panties, fajas, and seamless butt enhancer underwear for a natural appearance, is hand-sewn in Colombia using high-quality materials. We've built a strong reputation for offering only the best butt-enhancer garments for four decades.

Gains from wearing Butt Enhancers

Here are a few pros that will give you reasons to invest in a butt lifter;

  • Enhanced Curves - shapewear such as padded butt-lifting panties create a more defined appearance to your butt, giving you a curvier silhouette.
  • Boosts confidence - the body appearance of a woman greatly affects their overall confidence. A more curvaceous body boosts a woman's confidence.
  • Butt enhancers such as shaper shorts and panties and seamless butt enhancer underwear for natural appearance also enhance how clothing fits, uplifting confidence.
  • Versatility - with butt lifting shorts for women, you can wear any clothing you want. They give you versatile options to choose from. Without it, you would only choose clothes that did not show off your curves.
  • Natural appearance - unlike surgical procedures, butt enhancers, such as the seamless butt enhancer underwear for natural appearance, allows you to have a more natural and non-invasive look.
  • Comfortable - high-quality butt lifters like the fajas are super comfortable due to their high-quality material.
  • Affordable - butt-enhancing garments like butt lifting shorts for women are a cheaper option for lifting your butt compared to surgical options.
Who is fit to wear Butt Enhancers

While some women may gain a bigger bum after giving birth, many tend to get a flat one. Some exercises help you recover your bum, but you can use high-waisted butt-lifting shapewear with tummy control as you wait for the results. This one not only enhances your butt but also helps to reduce your mommy's tummy.

You may also need to wear fajas colombianas if you just had a tummy tuck surgery. It helps you recover faster and eases post-surgery pain. Butt lifting shorts for women are another post surgery shapewear you can go for after a butt surgery.

The butt enhancers are also available if you want a butt lifter and feel your tummy is okay. Butt-lifting shorts for women and padded butt-lifting panties can work quite well in such a case.

Also, if you want a tummy trimmer with a butt lift, you can invest in a high-waisted butt lifting shapewear with tummy control. Shaper shorts and panties are also great for plus-size people who don't need a butt lift. These can help women shape curvy butts without adding to their already available derriere.

Best time to Wear Butt Enhancers

Butt enhancers such as fajas colombianas are versatile for any clothing and occasion. Here are some of the instances you can wear your butt enhancers; .

  • When wearing a tight, figure-hugging dress.
  • When at work in office wear.
  • During sporting exercises since they are comfortable.
  • When chilling at home
  • After child delivery, such as a high-waisted butt lifting shapewear with tummy control.
  • When nursing a tummy tuck surgery, a shapewear such as fajas colombianas.
  • When wearing casually, you can shapewear like butt-lifting shorts for women.

Want to flatter yourfigure

But your body won't let you?

Don't worry; high-waisted butt lifting shapewear is here to give you a desired appearance.