The Best Way to Wear Shaper Shorts and Panties for Your Body Type

The Best Way to Wear Shaper Shorts and Panties for Your Body Type

Shaper shorts and panties are now wardrobe essentials as they help enhance your body shape. A good body shape is a great esteem booster that makes you comfortable and confident in your body. It also makes it easy to wear various clothes, as your body type largely determines what you can wear comfortably.

However, most people find it challenging to choose the right shapewear shorts and panties. If you know how to choose the right panty shorts, you won't have tummy rolls, uneven hips or thighs.

If you've been struggling to choose the right shaper short or panty for your body type, this guide is for you. We will discuss the best way to wear them to get a smoother look under tight clothes.

How to Wear Shaper Women's Shorts and Panties

People often assume that shaper shorts are for plus-size women and are the best fit if you downsize from your normal dress size. However, this is not true, as downsizing can squeeze you and leave you with a bumpy shape instead of making you slimmer.

That's why it's advisable to wear shaper women panties or shorts depending on your size and not dress measurements. The right shaper short or panty helps you get a flatter figure, boosting your look and confidence.

The common body shapes you can use to determine the best size for your shaper short or panties include:

Apple Body Shape

If you are apple-shaped, your waist is smaller, while the hips are wide with thicker thighs. In this case, your trouble spot is likely your tummy which tends to be rounder, and you have to look for a shaper short or panty that hides that.

Look for panty shorts that go past your trouble spot or one that stops before it. The panty or short should go past your trouble spot if it's softer and needs coverage or support. However, if it’s firm and nicer, let your shaper shorts stop before you go there. The best shaper panty for this body type is the higher rise or high leg briefs.

Wear Shaper Shorts and Panties

Hourglass Shape Body

With an hourglass shape, your trouble spot is your booty, which affects the type of panties or shorts you can wear. The best way to wear short panties for ladies is to look for one with built-in compression that gives you a smoother figure and supports the thighs and hips.

Boy shorts, bras, and panties are a good choice. But classic briefs can work for you if you've more weight at the top of your thighs.

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle-shaped women have a small burst, narrow hips, and straight torsos. If you have this shape, your main aim for wearing a shaper short or panty is to have a fuller booty or contoured shape. A high-waisted shaper short is ideal for you, as it can create a smoother lower body and support thighs and hips.

If you've got a rectangle body shape, the best shaper panty for you is the bikini. However, boyshorts can also work well for you. But ensure you wear what you're comfortable with as the rectangle body shape varies from one person to the next.


Wear Shaper Shorts and Panties

Athletic Body Type

If you're a woman with an athletic body shape, it means you've got a more toned and muscular body with a smaller waist. However, your hips and butt could be your trouble spot as they tend to be flatter and less defined. For this reason, you need shaping panties or shorts for coverage or support. The shaping wear can help you compress and support these areas, giving you a more styled look.

Full-Figured Body Shape

As a woman with this shape, your main trouble spot can be the tummy area, which requires good shaper shorts or panties. A shapewear short can help you smooth and shape the tummy and get the desired shape.

Plus-Size Body Type

As a plus-size woman, expect to hide excess skin with high-waisted shaper pants or shorts. The shaper shorts and panties can help you get smooth counters if you get the right size. You can also support extra weight around your waist and hips, giving you a firmer, more streamlined look.

What to Wear with Shaper Shorts and Panties

Your choice of shaper panties also affects the kind of cloth you want to wear them with. Remember, they come in different styles and sizes, which determines the type of clothes to wear with.

Some of the clothes you can wear women panties with include:


Do wear shaper pants when wearing a tight-fitting dress. The shaper pant will help cover your ribcage to your stomach, bringing out your natural figure. It also prevents discomfort and ensures there are no lumps around your core area.


Shaper shorts are a great choice when wearing jeans or trousers. They help smoothen your core and hips, keeping them firm. The shaper shorts also compress the thighs and lift your butt, giving you a flawlessly contoured look.

When to Wear Shaper Shorts or Panties

Even though there are no rules for when and how to wear shaper pants or shorts, it's good to have a rough idea of what makes them perfect. As a woman, your moods and type of clothing can determine when to wear shapewear panties or shorts. However, their compression type and control level also matter.

You can wear your shaper shorts or panties for:


This type of shapewear shorts or panties controls lumps and bumps on your body. They help you have a streamlined look under your clothes. Lightweight control shapewear is ideal for daily use to smoothen the body. They have many stretches that enable you to manage your trouble spots easily.


Invest in medium-control shapewear if you seek more support around your trouble spots. It's firmer and helps bring out your curves, giving you the desired shape. You can wear it every day to boost your confidence.


Try this one if you're looking for a shapewear short or panty that is stronger and brings out the best shape ever. It does a lot of sculpting on the midsection but is uncomfortable to wear all day. So you can put it on occasions like under a cocktail dress or wedding gown.

It's advisable to check the material the shaper is made of to be more comfortable. Sweat-wicking boy shorts, bra and panties are a good choice since they’re breathable.

Bottom Line

Having the right shapewear shorts or panties can help you avoid struggling with extra weight in the wrong body parts. The shorts for women can help you support excess weight, giving you a perfect shape. They can also enable you to enhance or boost your booty as they lift and make it firmer.

Add your shapewear shorts and panties collections from us and get the ideal size and style that match your body shape.