How to Choose the Perfect Shapewear for You?

How to Choose the Perfect Shapewear for You?

Everyone has an amazing body type, which determines their shape and body image. Women and men are pear, oval, rectangular, triangular, or hourglass-shaped. The funny thing about our body types and shapes is that they occasionally change.

It could be because of age, diet, genetics, or life necessities like surgery or childbirth. So as time goes by, expect to see body changes that can affect your clothing type. Some body types can also interfere with your confidence.

The good news is that you can work on this using the perfect shapewear. Regardless of your body type or shape, you can now wear any clothing and mingle freely with your peers without esteem issues. But which body shapewear should you include in your closet for your ever-changing body?

This guide explains the perfect shapewear for the perfect shape that meets your body's needs. We’ll also discuss tips to help you make a confident decision. 

Understanding Different Body Types

Before buying any shapewear, it's good to understand your body type, as it affects your shape. Since men have different body types than women, know yourself well to get value for your money.

The common body types for men include:

Rectangular builds

These are people with athletic bodies. They are neither underweight nor overweight, and it's a common body type among swimmers or volleyballs.

Normal  builds

These are men with lean bodies who are mostly models. Such men hardly add weight as they have lean muscles or fat. If you are this type of man, wearing your body is not hard, as it has a natural balance.

Triangle builds

If you are under this category, expect more fat and muscles around the waist and midsection. It's easier to gain weight under this body, which can be challenging to manage. This body type requires shapewear that deals with fat around the belly and chest.

But inverted triangle builds have stubborn fat on the arms and chest.

The common body types for men include:

Most women have the following body types:

Pear or Triangle

A woman with this body type has narrower shoulders than hips. If you have this shape, you will have the most fat on the butt, thighs, or lower hips. This means your perfect shapewear should be able to cover the thighs or butt.

Inverted triangle

If you have this shape, it means you have more fat in the upper body parts. In this case, your stubborn areas can be the stomach and the hips. So you need shapewear that can hide stomach fat and lift the hips.


With an hourglass shape, your upper and lower parts are equally broad, but the waist is smaller. More fat can be found around your hips or chest. You may need shapewear to lift, support, or firm them.


As a person with a rectangular body type, getting the desired body shape can be challenging as fat or weight is equally distributed. However, you can wear the perfect shapewear to define the hips and waist more.

Oval or apple

If you have this body type, then the bottom and top halves of the body are equal. But your stubborn fat areas tend to be on the stomach and chest. Get shapewear that can flatten the stomach and hide chest bulges.

Different Needs That May Lead Individuals to Consider Shapewear Use

Lock It In Arms to Knees

As you grow and your body changes, some things might need special intervention to enhance your natural curves and overcome imperfections. For example, you can undergo surgery to enhance your butt, hips, or boobs. After such procedures, you need post-surgical care, including reshaping the affected area. Additionally, you need a speedy recovery, to remain comfortable, and to cover the separated skin to prevent infections.

Doing this gets easier if you're using the right shapewear that's soft, comfortable, and breathable on the skin. Use our Fajas for postpartum or post-surgery needs. Remember, after undergoing liposuction, tummy tuck, or arm surgery, your doctor will recommend perfect shapewear to aid the healing process.

But shapewear is not limited to post-surgery use only. You can use any of them to hide unwanted fat after childbirth and boost your confidence. Remember, postpartum has many body changes and challenges that can affect your clothing choices. However, you can wear some outgrown dresses after identifying the perfect shapewear.

Which Are the Available Shapewear Products In Our Webstore

Your quest to achieve the desired body shape should never be challenging. Instead, invest in our Fajas which can meet your other needs, like postpartum or post-surgery. Get your desired shape with our shapewear that offers gentle support and compression to the affected area. Our post-surgical wear also helps contour and shape the treated areas. They also manage swelling and promote fast healing.

Our shapewear is soft, lightweight, and breathable, which will not irritate the skin. Sweating while wearing this shapewear is also a thing of the past. Furthermore, they are adjustable through zippers or hooks for a perfect fit. And the fabrics are comfortable on the skin and don't roll over. Some of our shapewear, like Fajas, has supportive straps that help maintain its position.

Some of the perfect body shapewear that can help you realize your dreams include:

Tummy and Belly Shapers

Avoid struggling with tummy fat with or without tummy tuck surgery. Instead, invest in the best post-surgical shapewear to speed up the recovery journey. Use the right shapewear, like the following:

Thigh Shapers

You can also use thigh lift compression garments for post-surgery and postpartum recovery. Go for the following shapewear after a thigh lift or thighplasty:

Butt Lift Shapewear

3095 Classic Tummy to Bottom Body Shaper

Our butt lift shapers are also an ideal choice to help enhance the butt area during postpartum or post-surgery recovery. Opt for Fajas or butt-shaper shorts with the right adjusting feature. Some options to settle for are:

Arm Lift Shapewear

Arms can sometimes frustrate you with unwanted fat. But after undergoing surgery or postpartum, this can stop. Wear the following perfect shapewear for a speedy recovery:

Men's Surgery

Who said men should remain content with imperfect bodies? This is a thing of the past and shouldn't hinder you from undergoing liposuction, a tummy tuck, or an abdominoplasty. After undergoing these procedures, come in for any of our compression garments.

Facial Surgery

It's also possible to get the perfect shapewear for the face. We have the following facial surgery shaper:

Note that you can also wear any of the above shapewear without surgery.

Tips on Finding the Right Size and Fit to Ensure Maximum Effectiveness and Comfort

Choosing the right shapewear for your body can be tricky, especially when you're new to this sector. But don't worry; we’ll help you with tips to select the perfect shapewear for your needs and outfits.

Know the Affected Area

First, know the area with stubborn fat that you want to handle. It could be the tummy, butt, thighs, or arms. After identifying the affected area, choosing the perfect shapewear to boost your confidence becomes easy.

Choose Comfort Every Time

You also need to remain comfortable all day when wearing the shapewear. So whether you go for a butt lifter or Fajas, ensure they're comfortable in the skin. Keenly select the material and size well to prevent discomfort.

Save Money with wholesale Fajas

Buy wholesale Fajas to save money without affecting your comfort or the shapewear's effectiveness. The best thing about Fajas is that they can cover a better part of the body for maximum effectiveness and body shape.

Common Concerns or Misconceptions About Shapewear

Every new thing attracts people's attention and prompts them into talking and spreading rumors. Body shapewear is not spared in this, as there are a lot of myths and misconceptions around it that are untrue.

Some of the myths and misconceptions you need to clear off your mind include;

Shapewear is Uncomfortable

3083 Strapless to Knee Firm Body Shaper with Butt Lifter


This is a rumor that is widespread despite not being a fact. Shapewear comes in different soft and breathable fabrics, which you should choose according to your area's climatic conditions. They’re also available in different sizes. So know your body type to pick the perfect shapewear that's comfortable.


You Should Go for a Size Smaller

You might have heard about this misconception that tries to convince customers that a smaller size hides body imperfections better. The truth is, a smaller size can make you uncomfortable, and it's hard to wear. Go for a perfect fit with an adjustable zipper or hooks.

Shapewear is For Plus-Size Women

Even though plus-size women use shapewear, that doesn't mean they're the only ones who want to manage unwanted bulging fat. You can also use Fajas to lift the butt, boobs, or hips despite being slimmer. Shapewear also adds comfort to any outfit, which everyone needs.

Bottom Line

Boost your confidence by wearing the perfect shapewear that changes your shape and enhances your natural curves. Shapewear can also help you in postpartum or post-surgery recovery, leading to a desired shape. Opt for our wholesale Fajas, which are available in different sizes and styles. Browse our collection and discover the perfect fit that meets your body's needs.