From Workout to Workday: Transitioning Your Shapewear for Different Activities

From Workout to Workday: Transitioning Your Shapewear for Different Activities

Shapewear is often associated with sculpting and slimming your silhouette. The compression, panels, and clever construction help smooth bulges and refine your shape for a streamlined look under workwear or elegant evening attire. But shapewear that simply squeezes you into submission is outdated and uncomfortable.

Today’s shapewear offers much more versatility. With innovative fabrics and flexible compression levels, shapewear can now multitask from the gym to the office and beyond. The right pieces allow you to sweat during workouts while also shaping your physique throughout the day.

Feel the uplifting difference when you slip into one of our slimming and sculpting pieces. Shapewear is designed to help you look great while crushing your workout and commanding attention with a streamlined silhouette for work and play.

Here’s how to take advantage of shapewear’s evolution by selecting and transitioning pieces for fitness and function.

Choosing Shapewear for Working Out

Optimize Shapewear Fabrics for Exercise

From Workout to Workday

The fabric of your shapewear plays a key role in determining how it performs during physical activity. Traditional shapewear focused heavily on compression and slimming. But the fabrics were often thick, restrictive, or not breathable—definitely not ideal for sweating through sun salutations or sprint intervals!

Modern active USA shapewear uses advanced textile engineering to combine compression and performance. Look for shapewear labeled with keywords like “moisture-wicking,” “breathable,” or “cooling.” These fabrics actively pull sweat away from your skin and promote airflow through the material so you stay cool and dry.

Moisture-wicking shapewear is often made from high-tech synthetics like nylon, polyester, or spandex blends. The fabrics have special channels, mesh zones, or knitting patterns that help redirect sweat and heat away from your body. This moisture control is essential for minimizing chafing and irritation during an intense workout.

Breathable, lightweight shapewear gives you a streamlined look while also maintaining comfort. If you’re powering through HIIT or lifting weights, shapewear that breathes and moves with you avoids restriction and overheating. You’ll stay cooler, drier, and more supported.

Prioritize Stretch and Flexibility

Along with advanced moisture management, versatile shapewear solutions offer a four-way stretch for flexibility. Shapewear constructed solely for compression can hug your curves a bit too snugly, impeding your movement and perfect shape.

Transitioning Your Shapewear for Different Activities

Look for shapewear made with stretch-knit material or fabrics like spandex or Lycra that contain elasticity. When trying on shapewear's versatility, make sure to bend, twist, squat, and move around to confirm it provides a full range of motion without pinching.

The ideal active shapewear combines compression for slimming and support with the ability to flex, bend, and stretch seamlessly. Whether you’re touching your toes in downward dog or crouching into a golf swing, versatile shapewear solutions won’t restrict your athletic endeavors.

Strategic Designs and Accents for Performance

In addition to high-tech moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, today’s Colombian Fajas utilize ergonomic designs optimized for movement and activity. Look for these strategic accents when selecting your active shaper pieces:

  • Wide, supportive waistbands that stay put without rolling or shifting during workouts. Depending on your planned activity level, mid-waist or high-waist designs work best.
  • Targeted compression zones in typical problem areas like the stomach, hips, rear, and thighs. But the adjacent zones have lighter compression to enable free movement.
  • Sheer mesh panels along the inner thighs, behind the knees, under the arms, and down the center back. These ventilated zones allow extra cooling and mobility.
  • Convenient features like pockets to hold essentials like your phone, ID, or keys so they're not bouncing around during running or Zumba.
  • Flat seams, hems, and edges throughout to prevent irritation, chafing, rubbing, or pinching while being active.
  • Strategic placement of grippers, silicone strips, or rubber dots along the waist, thighs, and knees to keep shapewear from riding up or shifting out of place mid-workout.
  • Bright colors and prints show through lighter exercise outfits and complement your gym ensemble (though neutral shades work well too, for less visibility under clothes).

Consider Compression Level

From Workout to Workday: Transitioning Your Shapewear for Different Activities

Shapewear comes in different levels of compression, usually ranging from light control to extra firm control. For physical activity, stick to light or moderate compression pieces. Super firm shapewear can restrict your mobility—and your oxygen!

Light to moderate compression gently hugs your body while allowing a comfortable range of motion. Depending on the activity, light control typically ranges from 15-20 mmHg, while medium control is 20-25 mmHg (more on this in later section). Higher compression risks discomfort, poor circulation, and inhibition of your movement.

During lower-intensity activities like yoga, barre, or walking, you may feel comfortable in medium compression. But for more strenuous training, choose a lighter level of compression combined with moisture-wicking performance fabric. You’ll stay cool and mobile with gentle shaping.

Choosing the Best Active Shapewear Pieces

Keep these elements in mind as you shop for shapewear or wholesale fajas to support your sweat sessions:

  • Seamless leggings with light compression through the hips, thighs, and calves are a versatile shapewear solution for yoga, barre, pilates, lifting, or cardio machines. Opt for moisture-wicking performance fabric with adequate stretch.
  • High-waist briefs or shorts help smooth the midsection during cardio, HIIT, Zumba, aerobics, martial arts, and other intensive activities. Look for tummy control with rear coverage as well.
  • Sports bras with built-in compression provide bust slimming and support during runs, boot camp classes, and other medium to high-impact activities.
  • Camisoles with bra shelf support help minimize and lift your bust line during activities like tennis, golf, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and more. Opt for a snug fit with stretch and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Shapewear slips with subtle control through the tummy and rear give a streamlined look under looser athletic outfits like tennis skirts, golf skorts, or basketball shorts. Use for light cardio or flexibility-focused workouts
  • Bike shorts in compression fabrics provide thigh and rear shaping during cycling, running, rowing, stair stepping, or other cardio machines. Look for 8-10 inches of coverage and anti-chafe properties.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to active shapewear today—you can find shorts, tanks, tees, leggings, bras, slips, bodysuits, and more. With advanced moisture-wicking fabrics, strategic compression, and flexibility in design, shapewear can work just as hard as you do during any type of exercise.

Maximizing Shapewear for Everyday Wear

Now that you’ve got your workout shapewear pieces squared away, it’s time to consider your options for all-day wear. The shapewear that streamlines your physique during exercise may have lighter compression that doesn’t provide the sculpting and slimming you need under office attire.

For all-day wear, look for shapewear with medium to firm levels of compression and control. Pieces that use targeted paneling, reinforced shaping zones, powerful fabrics, and ergonomic designs to sculpt and cinch your figure for hours. Here are the typical control options for all-day refinement:

  • Light control shapewear provides gentle slimming and some compression. But it allows full freedom of movement with minimal 24/7 shaping ability. Light control includes 10-15 mmHg styles.
  • Moderate control shapewear straddles light smoothing and firmer sculpting by strategic placement of control panels and zones of comfort where needed. Moderate compression measures around 15-25 mmHg.
  • Firm control shapewear noticeably trims inches while still allowing movement. Extra panels, thicker fabrics, and robust compression slim and define your shape under clothing. Firm options range from 25-35 mmHg.
  • Extra-firm or ultra-firm control shapewear provides the highest level of compression and dramatic sculpting for a significantly reduced silhouette. But mobility may be more limited. Ultra-firm shapewear includes 35 mmHg+ compression levels.

The longer you plan on wearing your shapewear, the more control you’ll need to achieve and maintain streamlined shaping throughout your workday or evening events. Beware of shapewear or wholesale fajas that seem too constrictive—they can cause discomfort, postural issues, nerve pain, and skin irritation over time.

The Take Home: Shape Your Journey in Style with Perfect Shape

At the end of the day, shapewear is about feeling your best self—whether you’re crushing a cardio class or commanding the conference room. With innovative fabrics that wick sweat and designs that sculpt curves, today’s shapewear from Perfect Shape fits beautifully into both active endeavors and professional pursuits.

From Workout to Workday: Transitioning Your Shapewear for Different Activities

Like a phoenix arising renewed from the ashes, you can rise from a vigorous workout smoothed, supported, and invigorated by the transformative powers of our versatile shapewear. As we at Perfect Shape continually evolve our shapewear collection to complement multi-faceted lives, the power to elevate your confidence will only grow.

The path between fitness and function is now seamless with Perfect Shape pieces that flex, mold, and empower your every move. You can pursue every adventure knowing you’ll look in perfect shape and feel as capable as you look when embracing the magic of all-day support.

Visit us online or in-store to explore our unparalleled selection of shapewear for activewear and everyday wear.

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