Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

One of the important things shapewear lovers look for is the perfect fit. You want something that fits perfectly and brings out your perfect shape just as you want it to. The size of the shapewear plays a crucial role in that.

However, you’re not wearing the shapewear on its own. You’re wearing it underneath other clothes, and they must blend seamlessly. For you to achieve that seamless blend, you must understand color blending with shapewear to match your outfit and skin tone. How good will you look with perfectly fitting shapewear that shows through your outfit?

So, how do you choose the right shapewear color to achieve that much elusive shapewear and outfit harmony? This blog outlines some tips to seamlessly blend your shapewear with your outfit. 

Does Shapewear Color Matter?

Well, this is a question many beginners always ask. Shapewear comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and you’re likely going to get spoilt for choice. However, not every color under the sun is worth considering. It’s possible that you'll choose a color that you’ll never wear because it won’t blend with any of your outfits.

So, if you think that color doesn’t matter because you’re going to wear your shapewear underneath your outfit, you’re wrong. Since shapewear is designed with different outfits in mind, the color you choose will greatly determine how you’ll look.

A good shapewear color will do the following:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Enhance your look and comfort
  • Match your outfit perfectly
  • Blend with your skin tone
  • Keep you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Show your curves

What Shapewear Color Should I Choose?

No shapewear color is bad. Every color is unique in its own way. The outfit you choose to wear will determine your color choice. How you achieve color blending with shapewear also plays a huge role in influencing your final look. Here are some situations that can offer a helpful guide.

Wearing Underneath Your Outfit

Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

If you’re going to wear your fajas shapewear underneath your clothing, then the color you choose doesn’t matter. However, there’s still a catch. You can choose any color if you’re going to wear a thicker fabric that won’t show anything inside. 

If you’re going to wear a see-through dress or a white T-shirt, there’s a chance that your shapewear will show if it’s too bright. Opaque colors such as black or dark blue work well if you’re going to wear lighter materials on top. Choose a color that will blend well underneath other outfits without being noticed.

A Statement Piece

Shapewear isn’t always meant to be hidden underneath clothes. You can wear it as a statement piece and come out as the red carpet star. How’s that possible?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that nude colors won’t give you the look you desire, so you must avoid them. How about you go with bright and seductive colors like pink or red? You can also consider a glossy texture, glitter, or something smooth to make a statement. 

So, the next day you have that romantic date, and you want your shapewear to take the day, consider the brighter colors.

As a Layering Piece

Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

You can wear your shapewear underneath your sheer blouse, open shirt, blazer, or jacket. Blending it with these outfits makes your shapewear visible but not enough to be the center of your outfit. 

To achieve seamless shapewear and outfit harmony by using your shapewear as a layering piece, make sure you choose a color that matches your outfit. In many instances, black colors work best for bright outfits. For a nude jacket or blazer, consider brighter shapewear for laying. Of course, the occasion should determine your color choice.

Match Different Colors With Your Skin Tone

Another important detail to consider when choosing your fajas is how they flatter your skin tone. Don’t go for colors that draw attention away from the areas you want to slim or tone. 

Nude, white, and light pink colors always blend well with various skin tones and won’t draw much attention. Darker shades, like black, stand out more and bring out your smooth curves.

If you have a fair and swarthy complexion, you can never go wrong with black because it brings out the elegant and feminine body that women have. Black looks elegant on different skin tones and is loved by both men and women. If you have a darker complexion, you will look great in pink or yellow shapewear because of how well the colors contrast with darker skin shades.

Bright Colors for Summer Wear

Lighter shades reflect heat, making them comfortable to wear in hot summer months. White is the most appropriate color to wear in the summer months because it reflects heat, keeping you cooler. Black, on the other hand, will absorb the heat and keep you feeling hot and uncomfortable. 

You can also consider other bright colors such as pink, red, grey, and yellow. Of course, you can go with black and other dark colors during the winter months to keep you warm and comfortable.

Various Shapewear Colors and How to Wear Them

Shapewear comes in different colors. However, just because there are so many colors doesn’t mean you can indulge in random color blending with shapewear. You can choose from a variety depending on the occasion, skin tone, and intended outfit. Some common shapewear colors to go for include:

Black for All Occasions

Black is a classic option that goes with any outfit and can blend with any color. The color blends well with your curves, making you look slimmer and curvier. The deep tones of a black colored-shapewear enable it to pair well with any color.

If you need extra support in your clothing, black is still the color to go for. Thanks to its deep tones, it can hide imperfections perfectly, giving you the perfect shape that you deserve.

Be Invisible with Nude

Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

Nude is another great choice for anyone looking for a color that blends well with their skin tone, making the shapewear perfectly invisible. With a nude color, you can wear any outfit of your choice, and the garment will be perfectly invisible underneath. They’re also available in different hues, making it easy to find the perfect one to match your skin tone.

If you’re planning on donning a light outfit or a sheer garment, consider wearing nude fajas, and no one will know you have them. Or, if you plan on wearing a tight dress for your dinner date, pair it with nude shapewear, and you won’t experience any bulging.

Make a Statement With White and Bright Colors

White and other bright colors are perfect for anyone looking to have a vibrant day and make a statement. Like black, white is a classic color that blends well with any outfit and matches every occasion. Bright colors like yellow and pink have unique hues that are perfect for drawing attention. They also keep you feeling light and comfortable even if you wear them all day.

The colors are suitable for wearing on hot summer days as they reflect heat. They help you show off your curves without restricting you in any way. And, of course, they hide lumps and bumps perfectly.

Play Around with Patterned Colors

Like bright colors, patterned ones are fun and can help you make a statement. The patterned colors mix different fabrics and textures that bring out their beautiful look. They can also mix bright colors like yellow and white with darker ones like black and blue. You can choose to go with brighter or darker shades and still achieve an interesting look.

Color-Matching Strategies for Your Shapewear

Shapewear and outfit harmony isn’t possible without purposeful color matching. The only thing that makes a difference is how you style your outfit. Here are some helpful color-matching strategies that can work for you.

  • Wear colorful shapewear with dark-colored clothes made with heavy fabric. Wearing your shapewear like this will make sure no one sees your shapewear underneath.
  • Keep the black and darker shapewear for the days you want to wear dark-colored clothes. Avoid wearing them with lighter-colored outfits.
  • Nude colors are not the cutest, but they go with everything and match every skin tone. Wear your nude shapewear with brighter-colored clothes such as white, pink, or light blue.
  • Patterned shapewear looks cute but can show on clothes if you’re not careful. Consider wearing heavy fabric clothes to prevent them from attracting unnecessary attention.
  • Don’t wear white with white. White shapewear goes well with darker shades of heavier fabric to prevent them from showing.

Bottom Line

Choosing the Right Shapewear Color: Tips for Seamlessly Blending with Your Outfits

Choosing good shapewear is not just about getting the right fit. The color you choose also plays a huge role in your overall look. Your color choice should match your outfit and skin tone perfectly.

If you love black shapewear, pair it with lighter and brighter fabrics. Bright and white colors go well with heavier and darker fabrics. If you choose your color wisely, you can layer your shapewear on your shirt, jacket, or blazer and bring out the perfect casual look.

So, are you looking for a shapewear color that will blend well with your outfit and skin tone? Her Perfect Shape has all the colors you need, including black, nude, and other bright colors. Browse our collection today, and let’s help you bring out the perfect shape.