BBL Dreams or Instant Lift: Discover the Perfect Solution for Every Curvaceous Desire

BBL Dreams or Instant Lift: Discover the Perfect Solution for Every Curvaceous Desire

Do you long to have an incredible look with a smooth, curvy back? It's now easier to fulfill such dreams with or without undergoing surgery. One of the ways to achieve this is through BBL (Brazilian butt lift) surgery. BBL involves professionals performing surgery on your butt to enhance your shape.

Alternatively, you can opt for butt padding, a non-surgical method that improves your silhouette for a desired look. But what does BBL entail, and why should you consider using butt lifter shorts?

This guide explains the perfect solution to achieve your curvaceous desires. 

What Is BBL

Brazilian butt lift is a surgical process where the size and shape of the butt are increased to give a more enhanced look. The procedure is more effective than dieting or exercising and is less challenging. However, it must happen under the care of a professional surgeon to get a well-defined contour and rounder shape instantly.

The surgeon ensures the patient undergoes general anesthesia or sedation to manage the pain during the procedure. The good thing about BBL is it helps do away with unwanted fats from the thighs, back, and belly giving you a more silhouette look. But the surgeon injects the fat on the butt to make it rounder.

Since the affected areas are prone to bleeding, your surgeon will recommend using a compression garment to manage the situation.

Who Can Undergo BBL Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is an excellent medical procedure for those looking for a better look. It could be you lost your natural curves due to aging or weight loss problems and looking for a better way to look younger. But your body must have enough fat to facilitate grafting.

However, before embarking on this journey, talk to your surgeon to determine your suitability for the cosmetic procedure.

Most cosmetic surgeons require patients to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a healthy weight
  • Have adequate fat on the hips or other body parts for grafting.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and diet.
  • Must not have undergone surgical operations in the recent past.
  • Be a non-smoker.

Risks of Undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift

Even though BBL has a lot of positive sides, it also attracts some risks. The common risk associated with this surgical procedure includes the following:

  • Skin Infection
  • Discomfort
  • Scarring
  • Lumps on the skin.

What is the Best BBL Shapewear For an Instant Lift After Surgery?

Since BBL surgery is an involving and delicate procedure, don't let failure to follow last-minute to do instructions make it flop. Instead,  take matters into your own hands, avoid complications, and get an instant lift. You can achieve this by using butt lifter shorts for post-surgical recovery to get the desired booty shape.

Some of the best butt lift underwear your cosmetic surgeon can recommend include:

Hourglass BBL Girdle with Mid Legs and Hooks

Do you long to have an incredible look with a smooth, curvy back? It's now easier to fulfill such dreams with or without undergoing surgery. One of the ways to achieve this is through BBL (Brazilian butt lift) surgery. BBL involves professionals performing surgery on your butt to enhance your shape.

Get this BBL shapewear for an hourglass look from our collection. The butt enhancer is good for post-surgical BBL recovery as it consists of powernet fabric with elastic compression, which helps in sculpting.

The BBL shapewear also works as a butt lifter and has 3 hooks which help in comfortability. It has full back coverage, meaning it will offer your back the needed support and ensure your thighs are in shape as it reaches mid-legs.

Perfect Shape Compression

3173 Perfect Shape Compression

Post-BBL surgery requires a comfortable compression garment that helps speed recovery. That's exactly what you’ll get with this Faja shaper pant made of Powernet material that is comfortable on the skin.

It has a bathroom-friendly design and a 3-row hook and eye closure for a perfect fit. You can adjust the shaper short to shape your tummy and legs without challenges.

Hook Bikini Style Shaper

Hook Bikini Style Shaper


This is the right choice if you’re into bikini Brazilian butt lift shapewear. The Powernet material helps manage post-surgery inflammation and gives the desired shape. With the 3-hook closure, you can easily adjust the compression garment for comfort. Plus, it has a bathroom-friendly and booty-lifting design for better results.

Lock It In Bodysuit Shaper

Lock It In Bodysuit Shaper

This Faja body shaper is another good choice for post-BBL surgery, as it helps mold your figure. The bodysuit with a panty design is seamless, so it won't show through your clothes. Its inner hook and zipper design also improves its seamlessness.

The open bust design allows you to wear a preferred bra, while the open crotch allows easy toilet access. With the two flexible shoulder straps, the BBL shapewear will remain intact on the body and improve comfort.


High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts


Try wearing these body-shaper shorts after BBL surgery and see the magic it does to your healing process. This booty shaper doesn't cause skin irritation as it's made of high-quality powernet material. Moreover, it has an easy closure design and is bathroom friendly.

Lock It In Arms to Knees

Lock It In Arms to Knees

Nothing is as good as wearing this Faja body shaper that covers knees to arms after a BBL surgery. With this full-body compression, you will get your dream body without struggles. It facilitates post-surgery healing and is convenient for everyday wear.

The easy-to-use zipper and bathroom-friendly design ensures you remain comfortable all day long. Plus, it manages fat in major unwanted areas, making it easy to wear with any outfit.


Benefits of Using Butt Lift Underwear

You can use the Brazilian butt lift shapewear from our  collection to benefit in the following ways:

Support the Butt

One of the reasons you need to get yourself BBL shapewear is to give your booty the support it needs to maintain its round and attractive shape. With a rounder butt, wearing any outfit and maintaining your look all day is less challenging.

Smoothen Curves

Furthermore, the shaper shorts help smoothen your body curves. Remember, the compression garment can smooth your thighs, resulting in a bigger bottom.

Helps in Post-Surgical Healing

If you undergo BBL, your surgeon recommends wearing compression garments to help reduce postoperative swelling. This will increase the healing process and help manage discomfort.

The Brazilian butt lift shapewear also improves blood circulation in the butt after undergoing BBL surgery. This reduces the chances of experiencing blood clots or risky complications after the procedure.

Is There An Alternative to BBL Surgery?

Yes. There's an instant solution if you don't want to undergo the surgical cosmetic procedure but have a well-shaped rounded butt. Achieve your BBL dreams using butt-lifter pants. Consider using those with a booty pad and walking around with the desired confidence that boosts your esteem. Such compression garments come with many benefits, which you should take advantage of now.

Some of the best butt lifter shorts to consider are:


Butt Lifting Shorts

Butt Lifting Shorts


You can get your desired butt size and shape with these butt lifting shorts with 3-row hook closure. It compresses the tummy while lifting the butt giving you that big booty look. The no-slip technology on this short ensures it stays in position, preventing visible bulges over clothes. Also, it’s made of powernet compression, which provides the comfort needed comfort for all-day wear.


Booty Lifter Shorts

Booty Lifter Shorts

The booty lifter shorts are ideal for butt lifters with booty pads. The short ensures you get your dream shape without much struggle. It’s high-waisted and so comfortable for everyday wear.

Since it’s made with no-slip technology and powernet compression, the short will remain intact on your body regardless of how active you are. The shorts also cover the upper thighs, making them easy to wear with short dresses.


Butt Lifter Shapewear Tummy Control Short Panties for Women


butt lifter pants


You can wear these butt lifter pants and achieve the desired look without flexing. Buy the right size and enjoy your curvaceous body showing off any outfit. The best thing about this butt enhancer is that it has butt padding and a Powernet waistband that allows you to shape up without surgery or exercise.



Butt Lifter with Tummy Control

Butt Lifter with Tummy Control


Sometimes all you need to enhance your look and mood is this butt lifter short. It gives you a big booty and slim tummy, enhancing your beauty. You can cover your waist and upper thighs with this Powernet fabric with no slip technology all day. All you need to do is choose the right color and size to remain comfortable in any outfit.


High Waist Tummy Compression Butt Lifting Shorts with Three Row Hooks

Lift your butt to enhance your shape using this short from our collection. The 3-row hook closure design helps you remain comfortable in the shaper shorts. This short’s powernet compression ensures your tummy fat remains invisible while elongating your hips and butts for more confidence. It covers up to mid-thighs preventing friction while walking. Also, the bathroom-friendly design and no-slip technology make it an excellent choice to enhance your looks.

Bottom Line

As a woman, nothing is as satisfying as having a big rounded curved booty that boosts confidence. Look for better, safer ways of improving your curves, like through surgical or non-surgical means. Whichever method you opt for, include our butt lifting shapewear in your wardrobe to enhance the looks and achieve the desired outcome.

Give us a visit for your post-surgical Brazillian butt lift shapewear. You can also order your butt lifter pants from our collection anytime.