Avoiding Common Shapewear Mistakes: How to Properly Put On and Take Off Your Shapewear

Avoiding Common Shapewear Mistakes_ How to Properly Put On and Take Off Your Shapewear

Shapewear has become a wardrobe staple for those seeking a smooth silhouette, yet shimmying into sculpting garments can be mystifying. Between waist clinchers, thigh trimmers, and derriere definers, the options seem endless. Not to mention the compression, boning, and hook-and-eye closures that go into crafting your body-hugging foundation.

But there’s no need to let shapewear overwhelm or confound you. With the proper techniques, your morning shapewear shuffle can be a cinch! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of shapewear and shapewear mistakes to make your experience completely comfortable.

From choosing the right garment to suit your needs to navigating closures and avoiding common shapewear mistakes, read on for a shapewear masterclass so you can slip in and flaunt your curves with confidence.

Choosing Your Slimming Weapon of Choice

Choosing Your Slimming Weapon of Choice

Before battling your fajas, let’s ensure you’re armed with the right garment for your needs. With an array of options built to target different areas, it helps to understand the capabilities of each.

All-Over Control Bodysuits

Think of these as a full-body hug designed to trim and taper your figure from bust to mid-thigh. Bodysuits contain flexible boning at strategic points to mold the waist, refine the tummy, and perfect your posture. Silicone-lined hems grip without digging in. Look for options with a thong or full rear coverage.

High-Waisted Shapers

These shaping bottoms focus their magic right on the midsection. Combining powerful compression with anterior boning, they expertly flatten tummies and define waists to accentuate curves. Choose high-waisted options to pair with your favorite bra or cami.

Shapewear Slips

A lighter control option, slips provide smoothing under dresses or skirts. Focusing on slimming the tummy and derriere, their silky fabrication avoids unsightly lines. Adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit.

Sculpting Camisoles

For lightweight smoothing of your top half, sculpting camisoles get the job done. Removable pads provide discreet bust support and shaping. Look for options with adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures.

Thigh Slimming Shorts

Targeting an often stubborn area, these shorts combine compression and a silicone lining to trim the thighs. High-cut hems avoid the dreaded “quad bulge.” Opt for shorts under dresses, skirts, or looser pants.

Butt Lifters

Raise and accentuate your derriere with these lift-enhancing shapers. Contouring side panels hug your curves to prevent sagging, while padded inserts in front provide an instant boost. Wear under pants, dresses, and skirts.

Cincher Belts

For the perfect balance of comfort and control, cincher belts contain flexible boning to define and accentuate your waistline. Hook-and-eye closures allow you to adjust the compression. Cinchers work over or under clothing.

With an arsenal of sculpting tools at your fingertips, it’s time to get up close and personal with your shapewear/fajas. Let’s navigate the art of slipping in and flaunting your newfound curves.

The Ritual of Putting On Shapewear

The Ritual of Putting On Shapewear

Getting into your curve-caressing shapewear/fajas takes a bit more finesse than wiggling into your favorite faded jeans. But a few comfort tips will have you shimmying into your slimming garments with ease. Here are the secrets to making shapewear slip on easily for a flawless fit:

Powder Up

Before suiting up, after you moisturize, apply a light dusting of talcum powder or baby powder to areas that will slip into the garment. Just avoid bust or padding inserts to keep your shaper sweat-proof. The powder absorbs moisture and allows the fabric to glide over your skin.


Sit to Zip & Clip

Rather than hopping around, take a seat when fastening shapewear with a zipper, hooks, or clasps. Sitting gives you a stable base to get the angle right so closures don’t gape or pinch. Lean forward slightly while fastening midsection shapers - this helps avoid pinching around the waist.

Lift & Roll

To easily slide into shapers, lift one side of the garment up above your thigh, then sit and roll the shapewear over one leg at a time. Stand to lift and roll up fully. For all-in-ones, bunch both leg openings before stepping in. This prevents the garment from binding or twisting.

Wiggle & Bounce

Once shapewear is around your hips and thighs, shimmy gently side to side while lifting your knees in a marching motion. Bounce lightly on your toes. This helps any clinging spots and seams settle into place comfortably. Adjust as needed.

Don’t Force Closures

If fastening a hook, eye, or zipper feels impossible, the shapewear may be too snug. Forcing closure can lead to uncomfortable (or even painful!) bulges and indentations. Size up for the best comfort and control.

Check for Lines

Before getting dressed, do a visual check to make sure seams sit smoothly against curves and edges disappear under clothing. Any ridges or demarcation lines likely signal an improper fit. Make adjustments as needed.

Breathe & Move

Once the shaper is on, take a few deep breaths and walk around. Ensure you have a full range of motion without pinching or biting anywhere. Your shapewear should feel secure yet comfortable.

Follow these comfort tips, and your shapewear will glide on, hugging your body with a flawless fit for beautiful definition in all the right places. Next up: making your escape at day’s end.

Surrendering Your Shaper at Night’s End

Surrendering Your Shaper at Night’s End


As wonderful as it feels to glide through your day with smoothed curves, there comes a time when you’re ready to unclench. Removing shapewear takes a delicate touch, so those hook-and-eye closures don’t turn against you. Here are some comfort tips for painlessly freeing yourself from your slimming second skin:

Have a Seat

Just as when putting on shapewear, sit down during removal - this gives you room to maneuver. Lean forward slightly when undoing midsection fasteners to prevent pinching.

Mind the Order of Operations

Unhook side closures before front/back ones so the garment can release evenly. Pulling down when only the front is undone can overstretch the back band. Work top to bottom.

Go Slow & Low

On pieces with a waistband, slowly roll the shapewear down over the hips rather than yanking from the top, which can distort fasteners. Use care not to bend the boning.

Stretch and Wiggle

For clingy compression sections, gently stretch and massage the fabric while wiggling to coax it off. Never forcefully tug or yank areas that stick - this can damage the material.

Let it Breathe

Once freed, allow the shapewear time to fully air out before re-wearing so the material recovers. Rotating between a few pieces helps them maintain their power.

Check for Damage

Inspect shapewear inside out after use and hand wash if needed. Look for ripped lining, popped stitches, warped fasteners, or bent boning, and repair or replace as needed.

With some TLC, your shapewear will sculpt your figure for years. Avoid over-stretching by choosing the size that fits you now, not aspirationally. And give your shapers a breather with gentle handling.

Now that demystifying shapewear is a cinch, let’s conquer clasps and clips. Mastering closures makes all the difference.

Clasp, Zip & Clip: Mastering Shapewear Fasteners

Surrendering Your Shaper at Night’s End

Between hooks, eyes, and tiny zippers, shapewear closures can perplex even the most dexterous among us. But have no fear - a few fundamental techniques will make you a closure expert.

Hook & Eye Clasps

  • When fastening, ensure the hook faces down to slide easily into the eye. Never force.
  • Unhook top to bottom and alternate sides to release evenly.
  • Periodically tighten loose clasps by squeezing hooks gently together using pliers.


  • Ensure the zipper is fully open before stepping in to prevent pinching and tearing.
  • Sit and lean forward to fasten, using slow, even pressure. Avoid yanking.
  • Use zipper pulls to realign any crooked sections. Practice. Don’t force.
  • Apply clear nail polish to the zipper teeth if it sticks.

Three-Row Clasps

  • When fastening, start with the middle row, then the top and bottom.
  • Unclasp the bottom and top rows first.
  • Use the handling tips for standard hook-and-eye closures above.

Sticky Silicone Strips

  • Ensure skin is clean and dry so strips adhere properly.
  • Slowly peel strips apart rather than ripping fast to prevent tearing.
  • Use an oil-free makeup remover wipe to dissolve any residue.

Insert Closures

Insert closures, sometimes called grommets or corset lacing, involve a clasp inserted into a hole or loop. Mastering the technique takes some practice.

  • When fastening an insert closure, be sure to clasp each side separately using even pressure rather than attempting to fully fasten one side first. Trying to completely fasten one side can lead to uneven tension and warping of the fabric.
  • Remember to gently slide clasps together rather than forcing them. The "finger" of the closure should face down to easily slip into the partnering hole or loop. Forcing can damage the material or protective coating on clasps.
  • Take care when unfastening insert closures as well. As with hooks and eyes, unclasp the bottom and top rows first before the middle rows to allow the garment to release evenly.

With some practice and patience, insert closures like grommets and corset lacing will become second nature to properly fasten and unfasten. Their secure hold and flexibility for adjustable control make insert closures a trusted shapewear fastening option. Master the technique, and these closures will be a breeze to incorporate into your daily shaping routine.

The Bottomline: Shapewear Success With Perfect Shape

We hope this shapewear masterclass has shed light on selecting, slipping into, and caring for your secret slimming pieces like a pro. While the world of shapewear may have seemed full of mystery, it just takes insider knowledge and a few wear-and-care best practices to avoid common mishaps.

The tips and techniques we’ve shared aim to make your daily shapewear ritual completely comfortable, so you can flaunt your beautiful figure with confidence. No more wrestling matches, hidden bulges, or constricting bands!

Here at Perfect Shape, we’re devoted to crafting shapewear that sculpts and smooths your natural curves to perfection so you always look and feel your best. With thoughtful design, premium fabrics, and expert craftsmanship, we promise shapewear that inspires confidence every day.

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