10 Things You Need to Know about Women’s Shapewear for Liposuction

10 Things You Need to Know about Women’s Shapewear for Liposuction

10 Things You Need to Know about Women’s Shapewear for Liposuction

If you’ve recently had liposuction — or are planning to — it can take up to six weeks to return to your normal activities. The first few days are the worst in terms of pain and swelling, while you typically start to feel a lot better after four weeks. For those of us with busy lives, a month can feel like an eternity. But did you know that wearing a liposuction garment can help you heal and get back to your normal life faster?

In this article, we'll cover 10 things you need to know about women's shapewear for liposuction, from how wearing a post-lipo compression garment can aid in the healing process to selecting the right garment for optimum results. Read on to learn more!

1. Wearing a Post Lipo Compression Garment Can Aid in the Healing Process

If you’re looking to speed up the healing process, post-liposuction compression garments can work wonders after undergoing lipo. These garments provide support and comfort to reduce swelling and discomfort. Compression garments help your body recover faster by reducing inflammation, providing even pressure distribution throughout the surgery area, improving blood circulation, and maintaining optimum temperature for optimal healing. This helps you return to everyday life quicker than you ever thought possible.

2. Liposuction Garments Promote Lymphatic Drainage

By wearing compression garments for liposuction correctly and consistently, it can also promote lymphatic drainage from the surgical area. This greatly reduces any bruising and swelling that may occur post-op. With this increased level of lymphatic drainage comes improved circulation throughout the affected regions, which allows for better oxygenation of tissues surrounding the surgical site

3. They Have Muscle Retraining Benefits

Have you considered the muscle retraining benefits associated with wearing a post-lipo compression garment? Reshaping the muscles around the surgery site is crucial post-op. By supporting them in place, the abdomen remains firm instead of sagging or becoming weakened during recovery due to lack of exercise or activity levels.

Post liposuction compression garments

4. The Best Compression Garments for Liposuction Provide Support without Restricting Blood Flow

The fit is the most important factor to consider when wearing a post-lipo compression garment. Shapewear should be snug enough to provide proper support, but not too tight as this can create uncomfortable pressure points — and even restrict blood flow. The best compression garments for liposuction are made of breathable materials so that air can circulate properly and help keep your skin from becoming overly sweaty or clammy. Some garments are designed with adjustable straps or closures which also allow maximum comfort while still providing the necessary support and stability throughout the healing process.

5. Ensure You Put it On Slowly

When wearing your shapewear liposuction garment, it’s crucial to put it on slowly to prevent any further discomfort or swelling to your midsection. Taking extra precautions when dressing each day will maximize healing during your recovery period. To do this, begin by putting on the garment slowly and carefully, ensuring all areas are covered properly before zipping it up or closing it.

6. You Should Sleep in Your Shapewear for the First 4 Weeks

Most doctors recommend sleeping in compression garments for liposuction for at least four weeks following your procedure. You may even wish to do so for up to six weeks to maximize your results. This will allow you to reap the benefits both day and night. As long as you’re not feeling restricted when wearing the liposuction garment and you take it off at times for your body to breathe, you’ll be on track to heal quickly.

7. Choose Breathable Fabric

When selecting post-liposuction compression garments, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of material used and the level of compression provided. The right garment should be made from a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps your skin cool during daily wear. It should also provide an even distribution of pressure throughout your midsection for comfort and support without constricting movement too much.

8. Make Sure You’ve Taken Accurate Measurements First

Accurately measuring yourself is essential to ensure that you get a garment with the perfect fit every time. To do this, take measurements around your abdomen, hips, waistline, or thighs (depending on where your surgery was performed) using either measuring tape or calipers while wearing minimal clothing like a sports bra and underwear only. Once you’ve written down your measurements, keep them on hand, as the best compression garments for liposuction always come with a sizing chart to help you find the right fit.

Liposuction Garment

9. When in Doubt, Opt for a Compression Garment with an Adjustable Fit

If you’re still worried about getting the wrong size when shopping for post-liposuction garments, be sure to look for one with adjustable straps or 3-hook closures. This can also allow you to customize your fit as the swelling goes down post-surgery. Typically you’ll need to go down in size as swelling decreases. This should be expected!

10. Always Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Lastly, remember that women’s shapewear for liposuction can make a world of difference, but your doctor’s post-op instructions should always be followed above all else. Every woman is unique, so they may have specific instructions for you that are different than anything we’ve said here. By keeping these two factors in mind, you’ll be on the road to recovery faster than you ever thought possible!

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